Grey London Evening

On Saturday even well lubricated rugby fans in fancy dress couldn’t lift the persistent grey so typical of London’s evenings.

Carluccio Still Life 02

The West End definitely offers more visual delights after dark. This shadow was cast by a streetlamp.

London Bicycle 01

The design of London’s shop windows have always been a source of visual joy. Window designers by nature are both highly creative and don’t take themselves too seriously. Theirs is after all a transient art form, but therein lies the secret. It has to be brilliant because it must succeed in a highly competitive commercial market place and at the same time window designers have a special liberating freedom – knowing that every creation is headed for the skip within weeks.

These are the current windows in Jigsaw’s South Kensington showroom next to the Michelin building. Edgy creatures that seem to be plying the passers-by with wistful stares.

Whistles South Ken 0211 01 - Ludwig Haskins

Whistles South Ken 0211 02

Whistles South Ken 0211 03

Whistles South Ken 0211 04

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