Sociable Weavers

These amazing small birds are responsible for some of the largest structures in the avian world. It’s like science fiction – high density living in the sky complete with organic architecture and renewable materials. These amazing nests are built one stalk of grass at a time. While it’s charming to see the nests being constantly repaired I couldn’t help wondering about how they keep the first stalk of grass in place when the building starts. “Just put your beak on that, I’ll be back in a second”! The largest nests house around 300 birds. Entry is “hover-rise-grab” exit is wings back “drop-like-a-stone”

The nest in these images covered a third of a Quiver Tree near Keetmanshoop in Namibia.

Sociablel Weavers QT02 Ludwig Haskins

Quiver Trees 01 Ludwig Haskins

Sociable Weaver CU01 Ludwig Haskins

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