Dead Vlei

Evidently the red dunes of the Namib desert are one of the favourite sights from the space station. Thanks to Google you can instantly see why.

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Dead Vlei means Dead Valley. It’s a popular destination in the Namib desert famous for its dead trees, hence the name. To the West a small part of the dried mud bed in the dune locked valley has subsided, and there, amazingly, a handful of trees, probably at least a hundred years old due to a very slow rate of growth, have managed, God knows how, to survive!

Living Tree Shadow DV 01 Ludwig Haskins

Tree Branch Dead Vlei 01 Ludwig Haskins

Grass Shadow 03 Ludwig Haskins

Dead Vlei Tree Ludwig Haskins

Decaying Tree Stump 01 Ludwig Haskins

Dead Vlei Dunes 01B Ludwig Haskins

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