London – as we know it – will disappear…

…under a rising Thames – it’s only a matter of where the waterline will stop rising.

Blue Warning Rings in London 03

Blue Warning Rings in London 01

Blue Warning Rings in London 02

Michael Pinsky a Scottish artist has made a brilliant statement about climate change threat delivered with quiet insistence. A series of London landmarks have been illuminated with blue rings inviting visitors to look forward to the level of the Thames in 3012, a worst case projection for a thousand years from now.

The story is covered in a post on the BBC’s website

Pinsky said: “As a child, I grew up near a reservoir in Scotland.

“On particularly hot summers, when water was in short supply, the level of the reservoir would drop revealing the spire of a church, the highest point of a village which was submerged for a secure clean water supply.

“This image of a submerged bell tower has stayed with me ever since.

“If we do not prevent the predicted effects of climate change from occurring this will become the prevailing image of London, towers and monuments encircled by an ever-expanding Thames.”

The installations, presented by Artsadmin and LIFT, were set up on 7 February and will be up until 4 March.

London, it is clear, will need to morph dramatically to survive, as it has done over centuries. But before the rising North Sea gets us there is a small matter of a global recession.

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