Photo Credit: Oren Haskins

Ludwig Haskins grew up in the environment of a photographic studio that belonged to his father, Sam Haskins. For reasons which are both strange and understandable, he decided never to touch a camera. Then one fateful day at the age of roughly 45, a design client called for help when their regular photographer was indisposed. The job, an agricultural operation in Portugal for Marks and Spencers, the premium UK food retailer, was a hit. It resulted in an instant love affair with professional photography and a fully funded mid-life photographic apprenticeship lasting several years and centered around agriculture in England, Europe and Africa.

Ludwig, a Slade graduate, is now returning to his artistic roots and producing images purely for his own creative fulfilment. This blog is mainly a repository of fun images taken with whatever is the current pocket camera, right now a Lumix GM1 which is not strictly a pocket camera – it lives in a small belt pouch – but is a marvel of miniatured serious photography. At the time of writing (November 2014) those seeking a true pocket camera should have a look at the new Canon G7X or, for low light, the Lumix LX100.

You can reach Ludwig on: ludwig@drawingwithpixels.com

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